Fields of the Nephilim

Black Easter


@ Hard Club Porto

March 31st, 2018

Support Band:

Bal Onirique



Can you see me?

In the dark

In the settled dust

on books

on shelves

guardians of wisdom

In yourself


Can you see me with the eyes of your soul?




Can you hear me?

In the wind

In the thunder and rain

In a sun ray

In the moonshine

In silent memory

In yourself


Can you hear me in the silence of your tomb?




Can you perceive me?

Sweet sour scent

Of suffering

The stench of decay

The sweat of fantasy

The aroma of a smile


Can you smell the roses and the thorns?




Can you savor me?

Flesh and guts

Soul and spirit

Hunger and thirst


Are you thirsty?




Can you touch me?

Reach out

Feel the warmth

Of my fingers

On your headache

On your heartache


Can you touch me in the depths of my soul?




Do you feel me?

           Crow Xp



Dedicated to

Le Voyeur Silencieux

Forever remain